Organiser: Kasper - Swix Team z.s.

Co-organisers: Lokomotiva Trutnov - athletic club, Skiresort Černá hora - Pec

Some people say that the best view is from horseback, but we think that it is even better from mountain tops, especially when it concerns the Krkonoše - our mountains. Everyone can find out for themselves during the first year of the running race "NaHoruRun" which will take place on 27 April. The event is organized by Kasper - Swix Team in cooperation with Lokomotiva Trutnov - athletic club, and SkiResort Černá hora - Pec.

We would like to connect as many people as possible who have the same passion and enthusiasm for sport, so that we came to the idea of a team relay race. But, if you feel so, you can run the 42-km race on your own in the category of individuals. Naturally, we also think of your children - there will be children's races with a rich accompanying programme. Even if a tiny spark is ignited, we consider it meaningful. Love, in our case love for sport, can move mountains, so try to bear this in mind from the start to the finish line.

Besides the race itself, you can look forward to a range of accompanying activities. Furthermore, you can visit, for example, the Krkonoše Tree Top Trail, Bobsled run Berta or you can take a walk to the Krkonoše Mountains and their surroundings. Should you need more information on the related activities, we will gladly advise you. The aim of the race is to give individuals a chance to explore their limits in an unconventional marathon and to help friends enjoy a team atmosphere in a mostly individual sport.The relay race is great for anyone who enjoys running and an active lifestyle, but does not want to do the whole 42 kilometres individually. It is a great opportunity to promote and represent your team, school, company, and the like.