What can you expect from the NaHoruRun race? 
There will be two main races: a 42 kilometre individual race and relay race for 4-member teams, and an extra fun race for children. There will also be an accompanying programme for children and adults.

What race facilities will there be?
At the starting area there will be facilities belonging to Lokomotiva Trutnov- athletic club. In the finishing area there will be facilities belonging to SkiResort Černá hora - Pec (toilets, changing rooms, showers).

Are there any parking areas near the start, relay changeover zones and finish?
Yes, very close to the start, finish and changeover zones, there are enough parking spaces.

Will the organisers transport racers' belongings from start to finish (relay changeover zones)?
Yes, you will find more information in the newsletter that will be sent before the race.

Is there a time limit for the main race? 
The time limit for both individuals and teams is 6 hours.

From what age can I take part in the race? 
You can take part in both - individual and team race when you are over 15. However, if you are under 18, you need a written consent from your parent or a legal representative, which you can send to: hello@nahorurun.cz or present at the race office before the start of the race.

What can I expect at refreshment zones? 
Refreshment zones will be intended primarily for individual racers at a 42-km race (water, isotonic drink, fruit, sports nutrition Enervit). The relay racers can find refreshments at the changeover areas when they finish their legs.

Will there be any commemorative items available? 
There will be a commemorative item with the logo of the race included in the package for each participant. Moreover, you will have a chance to order an original "NaHoruRun" T-shirt.

What will the children's fun race be like? 
It will be a running race which will require a range of skills. The exact list of obstacles will be available at the beginning of April.

Will it be possible to register at the race office at the start of the race? 
It will definitely be possible with children's race. The main race will depend on the availability at the time, since there is the maximum capacity of 100 teams for the relay race and 100 individuals for the individual race.

Is it possible to shift the registration to another person? 
Yes, we can shift the registration to another person until 20 April, free of charge. If needed, send us an email to hello@nahorurun.cz.

Where can I collect my start number and a race package? 
It will be possible already the evening before the race at the registration office. On the race day it will be possible during the scheduled registration time.

Will it be possible to get changed in the area? 
Yes, there will be changing rooms as well as a left luggage room.

Will there be any organized transport to individual changeover areas, or from the changeover areas to the finishing area and then back to Trutnov? 
For those who will not have their own transport there will be an organized transportation available. At the moment we count on with transporting racers to the starts of legs 3 and 4, and from the finishing area at the bottom station of Černohorský express back to Trutnov. This transport will be charged. The information concerning transport will be updated according to demand

Will you be sending an informative newsletter before the race? 
Yes, about a week prior the race we will send a detailed information to all registered racers. Team captains will have to forward the information to their team members.